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Prostate Cancer Awareness Day

NBC, NBC - Jun, 15 2007

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MIAMI, Fla. -- Even on casual Fridays, sneakers are rarely worn in the office or boardroom. But this Friday, the forbidden footwear was used to promote prostate cancer awareness.

At AventuraHospital, dozens of workers took a lunch-time walk around the block to raise awareness.

Dr. Arnon Krongrad treats prostate cancer patients. "We lose 500 men every week to prostate cancer in this country, so it's a potentially devastating illness," he said. "The reason it's important to talk about is because if you detect it early, you have an opportunity to manage it effectively."

One out of six men will develop prostate cancer during their lifetime. Black men are even more at risk, with one in four developing the disease.

John Mann was diagnosed six months ago. "It wasn't that advanced because I have annual physicals," he said. "They can tell by taking your PSA through your normal blood work and examinations," he said.

The PSA, or Prostate-Specific Antigen, is a substance produced by the prostate. Elevated levels of PSA may indicate prostate cancer or an enlarged prostate, a less serious condition.

The new, nationwide event is called "Sneakers at Work." It gets people talking about a topic many men try to avoid. Employees at Miami-Dade's Beacon Council embraced the idea. "Personally, my dad, who is now 80 years old, has had a bout with prostate cancer, and we've been successful in the fight," Beacon Council CFO Camela Glean-Jones said. "So, certainly, if putting on sneakers gets it, this is the easy part."

Blue shoelaces for sneakers are given with a $5 donation. The money raised goes to the American Prostate Cancer Initiative.

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