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From Prevention to daVinci Prostate Surgery

Ask Dr. Barken - Apr, 17 2007

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PROGRAM                [one hour]

In this hour-long program, Dr. Israel Barken, of the Prostate Cancer Reserach and Education Foundation, and Dr. Arnon Krongrad discuss just about every kind of information about prostate cancer:

1.    prostate cancer prevention 
2.    prostate cancer treatments 
3.    laparoscopic radical prostatectomy 
4.    robotic prostate surgery
5.    erectile dysfunction
6.    radiation treatment
7.    prostate biopsy
8.    prostate brachytherapy
9.    a swimming world record after prostate removal
10.  da Vinci prostate surgery

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Information about prostate cancer, from prevention to da vinci prostate surgery.