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Prostate Cancer Mission Holds Inaugural Event

- Nov, 16 2007

On November 15, the not-for-profit prostate cancer foundation the Prostate Cancer Mission held its inaugural public event. Nearly 300 men and women showed up at the Miami InterContinental Hotel to hear visitors from far away talk about the global prostate cancer statistics, the effects of prostate cancer screenings combined with effective prostate cancer treatment, a comparison of open prostate surgery and minimally invasive prostate cancer surgery (including davinci robotic prostate surgery, laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, and open radical retropubic prostatectomy), erectile dysfunction, and more. This was a first-of-its-kind event and exceeded anyone’s expectations. Videos from the event are posted on http://www.laprp.com/blog.php

Says Dr. Krongrad, Chairman of the PCM: “the success shows clearly that there is a great need for prostate cancer awareness programs. Moreover, we see that the general population is crying out for good, objective information. The interaction of professionals and laymen was heart-warming. Everyone came out smarter than he went in. Everyone came out satisfied."