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First-of-Kind Surgery for Prostatitis

- Mar, 04 2008

Pelvic pain in men is often diagnosed as prostatitis. In many cases, it is acute and resolves with antibiotics. However, in many cases prostatitis is chronic and can cause debilitating symptoms for many years. Men with prostatitis have few options. Surgery is never offered to such patients.


Said Dr. Krongrad: “A man was sent to me by another prostate surgeon so I would do an surgery to treat his prostatitis, which was causing him severe pain. The man was at the end of his rope, in agony, bleeding, burning, and unable to sit on hard surface. The problem was that surgery had not been described in this setting. It was impossible to know if it would work. There was even the possibility that it would make him worse. It did not make him worse. One year after laparoscopic prostate surgery, the man is pain free, able to sit for hours as he plays his drums. He reports return of continence and erections.”


We do not know the criteria by which to select men for surgery for pelvic pain diagnosed as prostatitis. However, this single case suggests for at least some men surgery can be a very effective remedy for pelvic symptoms that otherwise do not go away.