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Chronic Prostatitis Social Network

Arnon Krongrad, MD - Jul, 27 2008

Having established The "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink Social Network, a co-production with Vox Medica, we have now set off to develop a social network for men suffering from chronic prostatitis symptoms. Contrasted with the world of prostate cancer, the world of chronic prostatitis is very primitive. There is one foundation, www.prostatitis.org, that focuses on the diseases. But short of seemingly endless numbers of frustrated men, there is no clear unifying line of communication or advocacy.

Our interest in chronic prostatitis was spurred by the case of David Radford, whose misery was ended with minimally invasive prostate cancer surgery. The chronic prostatitis social network, http://prostatitis.ning.com, launched in July 2008. It was launched in response to a patient who presents himself as "Mike." Mike seems very knowledgeable about the internet and what it holds for men with prostatitis. He brings citations from other forums and the scientific literature. He seems very critical of the so-called Manila Protocol developed by Dr. Feliciano, who is also a member of the network.

We will see in coming months how the chronic prostatitis social network develops. We will see the responses to the case posted on this web site by David Radford, whose eight years of chronic prostatitis symptoms were relieved by minimally invasive prostate cancer surgery.

You are invited to join the social network.

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