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Dr. Rhoda Fine Presents Sex Therapy Talk at Munich Conference

- Nov, 24 2008

Presented at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sozialwissenschaftliche Sexualforschung (The German Society For Social Scientific Sexuality Research), in conjunction with The European Federation of Sexology and The World Association for Sexual Health, Munich, November 2008 


The incidence of prostate cancer is on the rise worldwide. Newly diagnosed individuals, and their loved ones, are at times ill prepared to make informed treatment decisions.  These decisions often are based upon emotions, uncertainty, or even a friend’s recommendation. Most patients report that they retain very little of the information presented to them at the doctors office. In addition, the diagnosis of prostate cancer is especially agonizing as it is complicated by the fear of sexual dysfunction.

Although a high value is placed upon a healthy sex life, barriers regarding open discussion exist. After survival, attention quickly turns to sexual function. The implications to the individual, his significant other, and their relationship are paramount.

There is a need to increase awareness, obtain good information, and proper guidance when addressing the complex biological and psychological aspects of prostate cancer for the individual, their loved ones and health professionals. A good sex therapist can help.

The World Wide Web has the ability to bring individuals together with common challenges. The New Prostate Cancer InfoLink along with its multidisciplinary approach makes use of this global technology in an effort to help individuals and their loved one’s cope with prostrate cancer medically, psychologically, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually.

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