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Chronic Prostatitis Social Network

Arnon Krongrad, MD - Jul, 17 2009

Three years ago Dr. Krongrad performed a laparoscopic radical prostatectomy for a man suffering from eight years of severe chronic prostatitis. That operation and the relief it brought are described by the patient, David Radford (click here to read it).

Since that operation more patients with severe chronic prostatitis have successfully undergone a prostatitis surgery. Their success has inspired a clinical trial aimed at better quantifying the association of prostatectomy with symptom intensity over time.

To facilitate communication about the trial, chronic prostatitis treatments, and prostatitis surgery specifically, the Krongrad Institute has developed a prostatitis social network. This network is modeled on our work with a prostate cancer network. Its features include durable scientific references and articles, personal blogs, and discussion forums.

To access the prostatitis social network, please go to http://prostatitis.ning.com

social network for chronic prostatitis.