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Patients speak about prostate cancer and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy

Gentle Barnett, Pembroke Pines, Florida

I, Gentle L. Barnett, had my laparoscopic radical prostatectomy performed on June 22, 2001 and was discharged June 23, 2001. I played in a golf tournament three weeks later.

Having a biopsy of my prostate and being informed that it was cancerous, I, along with my wife and children, began researching all the options for treatment. Not being pleased with the so-called traditional technique and recovery, my family became more aggressive on finding another method for treatment.

My son heard about the LRP procedure while watching Channel 10 Evening News. My son taped the show for my viewing. I informed my son to email Dr. Krongrad, who quickly responded. The next day, I called the office and got an appointment. After having a consultation with Dr. Krongrad, I decided that the LRP technique was what I wanted to have performed.

The LRP procedure was just what those patients on TV said it would be. The procedure was very successful: my margins were clear and my PSA is zero. The recovery process progressed faster than expected and I am fully continent. As I said, I very quickly resumed pursuit of golf, my passion.

I am very appreciative to Dr. Krongrad and Ruth for having a relaxed office atmosphere. The follow-up was and still is excellent: office visits, calls, and written communications. I believe my speedy recovery has been assisted by a genuine concern for my betterment for my health shown by both of them.
Gentle Barnett - Florida