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Patients speak about prostate cancer and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy

Frank Holland, on a boat on the Atlantic

My name is Frank Holland and I am the 40th member of the Miami LRP fraternity. For 25 years, I have lived on and been the sole operator of a 52' sailing vessel, living where the winds would take me.

At age 69, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. As the shock of being diagnosed with the "Big C" wore off, I realized decisions had to be made. My research indicated surgery to be the best solution for long term survival. Conventional surgery seemed too traumatic and long radical prostatectomy healing did not fit my lifestyle.

I elected LRP and in no time was back on the boat with Chica, my parrot. I cannot imagine healing by myself on a boat so soon after open radical prostatectomy. Soon after my return, I took the boat out for a 200 mile off shore passage. Through all this, "Dr. A" and his staff kept a watchful eye on me and let me know that I was not sailing alone. It's amazing to find a doctor today who is so available and so responsive.
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