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Patients speak about prostate cancer and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy

Wayne Martin, Winter Springs, Florida

For this 78-year old active golfer, the future seemed bleak when the words "prostate cancer" were uttered. I figured my best defense was an offense aimed at enlightenment. When I found Dr. Krongrad, a down-to-earth surgeon, it was my lucky day. Although it meant driving 200 miles for surgery, that was a small price to pay for a down-time of only two days - including surgery!

I got excellent care. I had no scars, no pain, and no pills. Most importantly, I got the peace of mind that the active life that I'm accustomed to and enjoy could resume in minimal time.

That photo to the left is me back golfing in just two weeks after my LRP. Could I possibly have done any better? I don't think so.
Wayne Martin - Florida