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Patients speak about prostate cancer and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy

Randy Burroughs, Acworth, GA

Hear is my story on how life happens. My best friend who was 39 years old suffered a mild heart attach and left me wondering about my health. So I decided at 44 years of age to have a physical. Everything was just great except I was told my PSA was high and should see a specialist. At this point I did not know what a PSA count was. 


After the core samples were taken, I was informed that I had prostate cancer. At 44, that’s hard to take.


Through faith and massive amounts of information on the internet I found Dr. Krongrad. Although I was wanting to rid myself of the cancer, I was very concerned about my potency.  At 44, I was single and still looking to marry someday and have a meaningful and physical relationship.  The Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy looked like the solution for me. Like others I have read about, I did not want to wait.


After a call to Ruth, they had me on the upswing and within a week I made my reservations to Miami. My mom flew down with me and I had the operation on Dec 17th, 2002.  I had to spend a few more days in Miami, during which Dr. Krongrad and Ruth came by my hotel as I was concerned. He reassured me things were good.


My mom and I flew home on Christmas Eve. I even went to the Chick-fil-a Bowl game New Years Eve, catheter and all.


Five years have passed. I have 80% of my potency back and I am getting married on April 12th 2008 for the first time in my life. Life is Good !


Dr. Krongrad’s personal approach, kindness, and gifted talent are very rare and I hope he never changes a thing. Mom says the same.