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Patients speak about prostate cancer and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy

Sy Baron, Toronto, Canada

At age 69, my urologist did my first prostate biopsy, which was negative. At age 70, a second biopsy showed cancer. I had already read about the options of radiation and surgery, but now it was different. Now the cancer was mine, not someone else's. I had heard about a new prostate cancer treatment with laparoscopic prostate cancer surgery, but it was new. Even my son, who is a physician, had never heard of it. Besides, I live alone and was not crazy about the idea of having major surgery.

After some thought and discussion, I decided to have a laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. I had my LRP on a Friday, an operation observed by a urologist visiting from Columbia University. That was my contribution to medical education.

Dr. Krongrad took out a potato-sized prostate through my belly button. That night, I was running around. The next day, I was basically ready to leave, but because I was alone, I was hung around an extra day schmoozing with the nurses. After a coffee and bagel the next day, I went home.

The LRP is a kind, caring, fast solution to a seemingly difficult problem. I went swimming in the ocean on the twelfth day after my LRP. I have been continent and cancer-free ever since.
Sy Baron - Canada