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Patients speak about prostate cancer and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy

Bjorn Svensen, Miami, FL


In honor of my double lifesaver Dr. Arnon Krongrad, I would like to share the fact that he now has saved my life twice from cancer.  First time I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2001, Dr. Krongrad recommended removal of one testicle followed by radiation.  I have been following up this situation with him twice a year.  So far so good and I have been classified as cancer free.  My PSA has in the few last years been increasing slowly and after my 4th biopsy I was diagnosed with a very early stage of prostate cancer.  I am now 62 years and I am hoping for many more happy cancer-free years to come.  Not any “wait and watch” for me!   One week ago Dr. Krongrad removed my prostate.  No pain, no painkillers and tomorrow I will return to my job in the cruise industry.

I am originally from Norway and according to Dr. Krongrad the Scandinavians are high on the statistic for prostate trouble.  I will highly recommend my double lifesaver to my friends over there.  Maybe they should set up a charter plane!

Thank you Dr. Krongrad.


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