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Common Questions: The Prostate

I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Is it something I did?

Behaviors is associated with cancer risk, eg sun exposure and skin cancer. However, no clear link has been established between behavior and prostate cancer.

Among the behaviors commonly discussed is diet. Many look for information on foods that fight prostate cancer and periodic mention is made of everything from green tea to beer. However there is no prostate cancer diet. Among the most interesting micro-nutrients is the mineral selenium. A number of years ago, Dr. Krongrad and his colleagues published a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (Clark LC, Combs GF Jr, Turnbull BW, Slate EH, Chalker DK, Chow J, Davis SL, Glover RA, Graham, GF, Gross EG, Krongrad A, Lesher JL Jr, Park K, Sanders BB Jr, Smith CL, Taylor JR, et cl: Effects of selenium supplementation for cancer prevention in patients with carcinoma of the skin. A randomized controlled trial. JAMA 276:1957-1963, 1996) that demonstrated a reduced incidence of prostate cancer in men supplemented with selenium. Certain limitations in the study design require that the study now be repeated for confirmation. There is no proof that for most men selenium deficiency is a relevant problem. There is no proof that, once diagnosed with prostate cancer, selenium supplementation is a prostate cancer cure.

We have no proven behavioral tools with which to bring about prostate cancer prevention and no reason to believe that a man's specific behavior promoted the development of prostate cancer.

Patients look for information on foods that fight prostate cancer, from green tea to beer, but there is no prostate cancer diet.