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Where is the prostate?

Another common question: where is the prostate?

The prostate is positioned deep in the pelvis behind the heavy pubic bone and enmeshed in other structures. The pointed prostatic apex is pressed against the very bottom of the pelvic cavity, where it attaches to the urethra.

The posterior prostatic surface rests against the rectum. Superiorly, the wide prostatic base rests against the bladder neck. Anteriorly, the prostatic apex is covered by the very vascular dorsal venous plexus of Santorini. Access to the dorsal venous plexus is restricted by paired, tough ligaments on each side connecting the prostate to the undersurface of the thick pubic bone. Anterior to the prostate is a thin fascial layer covered in fat.

Behind the prostate and seminal vesicles is the thick Denonvillier's fascia. Resting over these structures is the bladder, behind which are the ureters.

Most laterally are the iliac veins, iliac arteries, and pelvic lymph nodes.

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where is the prostate?