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Common Questions: The Patient

What if I have questions about what happens after prostate cancer surgery?

You will surely have questions about what happens after prostate cancer surgery. Everybody does. For an optimal recovery, please read the Post - Op Instructions and ask all the questions you have about what happens after prostate cancer surgery.

As to the immediate recovery ...

The single most common complaint after hospital discharge seems to be sleep deprivation and fatigue. While relative to open surgery the laparoscopic radical prostatectomy is generally less demanding, the experience is still demanding. Most patients are anxious going into surgery, get little sleep the night before surgery, arrive at the hospital very early on the morning of surgery, and get very little sleep the night after surgery. Accordingly, most patients seem most interested in a good, long nap and a shower after getting home. The other major complaint seems to be a sense of bloating, with clothes fitting very tight. This bloating seems related to the effects of surgery, anesthesia, and bedrest on intestine function and responds well to walking, which helps the patient expel intestinal gas, which helps the patient regain his overall comfort and appetite.